Bye, bye emerald green. The hottest color for 2014? According to Pantone Color Institute, it's head-turning radiant orchid, a bold version of purple associated with creativity and originality that flatters nearly every skin tone.

Bye, bye emerald green. The hottest color for 2014? According to Pantone Color Institute, it’s head-turning radiant orchid, a bold version of purple associated with creativity and originality that flatters nearly every skin tone.

“It’s an invitation to innovation,” explains Leatrice Eisman, executive director of Pantone. “The purple family offers an opportunity to do creative things.”


“This is an opportunity to look at what you’ve already got in your closet and add to it,” she says. “It will feel like the right amount of change.”

Jane Monnington Boddy, senior director of forecast at Stylesight, says this shade is already popular on runways and will only continue to heat things up in the fashion world.

“It’s the softness of this tone which flatters, and makes it an easier, more complimentary, bright hue to wear,” explains Boddy. “With bolder brights having been on trend for spring/summer 2013, this fresh tone can handle both romantic, feminine looks, as well as modern, more edgy shapes.”

How can this look-at-me color work for you? We asked several celebrity stylists about how to bring in the New Year with sizzling style.

Keep it Simple

Radiant orchid is a bold color meant to stand out on its own. Avoid wearing other bright colorsand instead, let one piece do the talking. “This color is best suited to be paired with modern neutrals, such as stony grays,” says Boddy.

Rock it Effortlessly

Celebrity stylist Ali Levine loves radiant orchid for the New Year because she believes this head-turning shade flatters all skin tones, can brighten up dreary winter days, and be easily transitioned from spring to summer. “This color is fabulous to pair with many different looks because it doesn’t scream at you or overpower,” explains Levine. “For the risky type, wear it as an a-line dress with black or nude pumps. For the conservative, use it as an accent color, such as with cardigans, scarves, belts, purses, or jewelry.”

Add it to Your Makeup

Don’t like the color purple in your wardrobe, even if it’s pinky purple? Levine says radiant orchid is also becoming a big hit in the beauty word, giving usual classic red lips a much-needed break. “Purple is a big trend right now for lips and nails,” says Levine. “Dark purple is especially great for the winter. As we transition into spring, going lighter is a great way to add a pop of color to complete your outfit.”

Pair it Correctly

“When integrating radiant orchid into your wardrobe, pair it with metallics,” says image consultant Thea Wood. “Black and white are powerful neutrals that keep the look crisp and sophisticated.” And if you want to create a slimming effect without using the usual black, here’s one trick to keep in mind. “Place the darkest color of the outfit on area you’d like to minimize for a naturally flattering effect,” Wood says.

Mute It

If you love the soft, romantic look of lace, flowing fabrics, or even florals, make sure your radiant orchid is on the subtle side as anything too flashy can resemble a prom night gone bad. “Be aware that the combination of radiant orchid with these elements can look childish or bridesmaid-ish,” says Wood. Instead, consider wearing a bold variation of radiant orchid with a more structured piece, such as leather.

Focus on Fit

Radiant orchid may be flattering to most skin tones, but that doesn’t mean you should instantly purchase the next outfit you need in next year’s "it" color. As with any trend, it must complement your shape. “Keep in mind the cut and shape of the clothing as you want it to fit your body perfectly,” says stylist James W. Cornwell, who has worked with Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, and Betsey Johnson. “Any color can go wrong if the clothing does not fit correctly, but a bold, fresh color like radiant orchid needs to be spot-on with the fit. If you find the perfect dress or jacket and it doesn’t quite fit, go to the best tailor you can find and make it yours!”

Give the LBD a Break

Style expert and model Jaimie Hilfiger says expect to see radiant orchid pop up on New Year’s Eve because she believes it’s a fun, flirtatious shade that stands out more than the typical LBD. “This is a color that radiates wherever you go,” says Hilfiger. This color is inviting and has confidence and joy. If you aren’t too daring and don’t want to try a full-on orchid ensemble, pair some orchid accessories to spice up a plain outfit.”

Get Creative

Wood says radiant orchid is the perfect color for the New Year as it is often associated with creativity. It’s no wonder many women will easily discover new ways to rock his shade for months to come. “It’s a great and easy way to transition from winter into spring,” says Wood. “It can be paired with deeper jewel tones for winter and more lighter pastels and neutrals for spring.”

It's a Cinch

Another simple way to make this color give you a slimmer figure for the New Year? Levine recommends looking for a matching belt to accentuate your waist, all while still blending in with the dress. Along with nude pumps to elongate the legs, minimal jewelry to make your outfit the focal point, and paired with nude lips, this is a sizzling look that can be worn day or night.

Be Daring

Some celebrities love this trendy color so much that they’re even applying it onto their mane! “Kelly Osbourne is rocking hues of radiant orchid in her hair,” says Cornwell. “She is bold and loves on the edge of fashion. And who best to give a radiant orchid nod to than the celebrity that is wearing it on her head? You go Kelly!” Of course, radiant orchid hair isn’t for everyone, which why fascinators, the headpieces popularized by the royal family, are an ideal substitute and can easily glam up any outfit for evening.
This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine