July 08, 2009

  • Former Food and Drug Administration head David Kessler, MD, says the secret to eating well is having a stockpile of easy, healthy, go-to recipes already memorized. Wish we'd read this before last night, when we were home alone with no dinner plans and splurged on fattening fried rice. (Luckily, we saved half of it for lunch today!) [Forbes]

  • We know that working out with friends boosts our motivation and makes exercise more enjoyable—and now a new study shows that it might help slow age-related decline of motor skills as well. [That's Fit]

  • What do sweet corn, pineapple, and watermelon have in common? Besides being delicious summer treats, they're all part of the Clean 15—fruits and veggies that have the lowest levels of pesticides. That means you can buy the conventional, lower-cost brands—instead of organic—with a "clean" conscience. [LilSugar]

  • In our experience, the Internet only seems to contribute to insomnia. But now a Web-based program is showing promise in helping people overcome sleep problems. More research is needed before any recommendations can be made, but we'll certainly keep our eyes open for further developments. [Wall Street Journal]

  • Rapamycin, a drug used to treat cancer, may also one day help people delay the harmful effects of aging: In preliminary studies, it gave elderly mice the human equivalent of 13 extra years of life! [Wired]