Sarah Lemire

Sarah Lemire

Sarah Lemire is an award-winning lifestyle writer, editor, and humor columnist whose work appears in Health, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Real Simple, New York Daily News, The Daily Meal, The Active Times, Los Angeles Times, Hartford Courant and Connecticut VOICE magazine.

Hundreds of her stories appear in print and online, covering a broad range of topics including health, finance, travel, food, fashion, weddings, home, wellness, and aging.

She’s the author of the new humor book, I’ll Never Be a Hand Model (and other stories I tell my therapist), published by Woodhall Press and the host/co-producer of Hack the Chat, a lifestyle podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.

An avid traveler, foodie, helicopter parent, and couch film critic, Sarah is originally from Minneapolis and has spent the last two decades unsuccessfully trying to lose her Midwestern accent and figure out the difference between a hoagie and a sub.

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