Samantha Lauriello

Title: Writer and Editor
Education: Penn State University
  • Social Media Strategist and Editor with 5+ years experience
  • Launched Travel + Leisure's TikTok platform and grew the page to over 250K followers in a year


Samantha Lauriello is a social media strategist and editor. She was previously an assistant editor at Health before moving over to Travel + Leisure as a social media editor. There, she leads growth for the across all social media channels and is a video host of the brand's TikTok platform.

Samantha's editorial work can be found on Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, InStyle, Health, PopSugar, and more


Samantha received a bachelor's degree in Print and Digital Journalism with a focus in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University. She also minored in Spanish and International Studies. Samantha then received a certificate in Publishing from the New York University Summer Publishing Institute.

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