Marley Hall

Ashley Hall
Title: Fact Checker
Education: Clemson University
Expertise: Clinical research, Surgery, Public health
  • Fact-checker specializing in medical and health information
  • Has more than seven years of journalism experience across health, education, and business verticals
  • Published in medical journals, university-wide materials, blogs, and poetry journals


Marley Hall is a writer and fact-checker specializing in medical and health information. She uses her experience in medical research to ensure content is accurate across multiple Dotdash Meredith brands.

Marley began her career in communications as a writer and later as a communications coordinator for Clemson University. She is also trained in the field of technical writing. Marley worked as a medical writer for a large teaching hospital and medical university, Prisma Health, and has been published in multiple medical journals in the field of surgery, including Hernia.


Marley received a bachelor's degree in english from Clemson University. She also earned a graduate certificate in clinical and translational research from Clemson University.

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