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Cathy Cassata

Cathy Cassata writes with empathy and accuracy and has a knack for connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way. As a freelance health and wellness writer, she specializes in stories around health, mental health, medical news, and inspirational people. She has interviewed hundreds of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including physicians, psychologists, sociologists, researchers, and scientists, as well as everyday people about their personal health journeys. With an aptitude for listening to others and asking thought-provoking questions, Cathy crafts stories worth reading. She writes regularly for Healthline, Verywell, Psych Central, and Chicago Health magazine, and has been published in HuffPost. When Cathy's not writing or spending time with her children, you might find her coaching youth basketball, dancing with her friends, or laughing at a comedy club her husband.
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