The Best LED Whitening Kit We Tested Whitens Teeth Up to 10 Shades — And It's 50% Off

The Auraglow Complete LED Whitening Kit Won't Be On Sale for Long

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Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit


If you’ve wondered if an LED whitening kit is for you, now’s the time to try one out. The Auraglow Complete LED Whitening Kit—Health’s favorite LED kit—is on sale now for 50% off. Yes, you’ll even have time for a whiter smile before your holiday party.

Auraglow claims their kit will whiten teeth up to 10 shades in just a week—and it turns out that’s not just marketing. Our tester saw a difference of 12 shades in that time during our teeth whitening test. 

“I could tell my teeth were looking whiter, but it wasn't until I looked at the chart that I could see just how much whiter,” our tester said during our lab test. “These are very surprising results to me!”

Auraglow Complete LED Kit


Buy It: Auraglow Complete LED Kit, $50 (was $100);

The Auraglow Complete LED Whitening Kit is just that—a complete whitening experience. The kit comes with the brand’s advanced LED accelerator light that uses a flexible, latex-free mouthpiece—no more of the discomfort that comes with typical LED whiteners. Plus, unlike other LED mouthpieces, the Auraglow LED is completely wireless during use and only requires a charge once or twice a week with consistent use. As a bonus, the kit’s included storage case doubles as a charger.

The kit also includes two tubes of whitening gel, good for more than 30 treatments. The brand’s whitening gel uses a 35% carbamide peroxide formulation to get high-level results. Carbamide peroxide—along with hydrogen peroxide—is one of the two most effective whitening treatments. 

“The bleaching agents in [whitening] products typically contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide,” says Shane S. Porter, DMD, of Premier Dentistry of Eagle, who also notes that LED kits have shown to be effective (if you still had your doubts). “This chemical reaction helps to lift any staining agents from the teeth and makes them appear brighter and whiter.”

Auraglow Complete Whitening Kit


Buy It: Auraglow Complete LED Kit $50 (was $100);

The 35% carbamide peroxide won’t just brighten your teeth for max-level results—it’ll taste great while doing it. The gel has a mint flavor, which our tester noted had a great, refreshing flavor that you won’t find in most whitening kits, LED or not.

The Complete LED Whitening Kit works through a combination of gel and LED. You apply the gel to your teeth, then follow up with the LED device for 30 minutes each day. LED whitening kits work by speeding up the whitening process by breaking down peroxide faster, which, as Dr. Porter explains, will get you a whiter smile. And the Auraglow’s combination of a high-percentage peroxide and 16-bulb LED mouthpiece net you the high-level results we found during our lab test.

“Given how much I know professional whitening costs, and remembering the pain and sensitivity I had with the trays my dentist gave me years ago, I would absolutely say this is worth the price and the inconvenience for a couple of weeks,” our tester said of the Auraglow whitening experience.

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen


Buy It: Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen $20 (was $37);

If you’re looking for quick whitening on the go, the Auraglow Whitening Pen—another one of our tested favorites—is also almost half-off for a limited time. Their whitening pen uses the same 35% carbamide peroxide formulation as the LED whitening kit and offers more than 20 whitening treatments for quick touch ups. 

Get a whiter smile now with Auraglow’s whitening sale—you can’t go wrong with either of the brand’s offerings.

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