Our 7 Picks for At-Home Vaginal pH Tests to Help You Address Your Discomfort

If your vaginal environment feels off, an at-home test can help you identify the issue and move on to getting treatment.

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As many as 75% of people with vaginas worldwide will have a vaginal infection, or vaginitis, at some point in their lifetime. This is because the vaginal environment is a delicate balance of bacterial organisms. When something is off, it can increase the likelihood of infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and even sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs/STDs). 

One way you can monitor your vaginal health at home is by measuring your vaginal pH, i.e. how acidic or alkaline the microbiome levels in the vagina are at any given time. Healthy vaginal pH can range from 3.8 to 5.0 (which is more acidic) because Lactobacilli, a bacteria that produces lactic acid, lives in vaginas and keeps the environment slightly more acidic to thwart harmful bacteria from intruding and growing. So if you measure your vaginal pH and it’s higher than this range, indicating a more neutral or more alkaline environment, this could indicate that you have an infection—which can be not only painful but also sometimes life-threatening if left untreated.

So to help you find the safest, most accurate at-home test kits to test your vaginal pH, we worked with Lindsay Modglin, a subject matter expert, clinical researcher, and former nurse, to evaluate over two dozen at-home vaginal pH tests. We considered factors such as cost, ease of use, accessibility, and medical support available. This article was also medically reviewed for accuracy by a gynecologist, Dr. Renita White, MD. Here are the ones we recommend.

Our 7 Picks for At-Home Vaginal pH Tests of 2023

Our 7 Picks for At-Home Vaginal pH Tests to Help You Address Your Discomfort
Our 7 Picks for At-Home Vaginal pH Tests to Help You Address Your Discomfort

For Vaginitis : LetsGetChecked Vaginitis Test

Let’s Get Checked

Let’s Get Checked

Key Specs
  • Cost: $199
  • Collection Method: Vaginal swab
  • Accepts Insurance? No
Why We Chose It

When facing vaginal discomfort, such as itching and burning, one of the causes might be vaginitis. LetsGetChecked vaginitis test not only allows those who may be suffering to test themselves at home, but also to talk with a healthcare professional virtually about next steps.

Pros & Cons
  • Consult with an online provider for $39 if results show infection

  • Discreet packaging

  • Accepts HSA/FSA payments

  • Not available in all states

  • Does not take insurance

  • Telehealth appointment and treatment costs extra


Your reproductive system can have a profound effect on other parts of your body. Between hormones that indicate whether you can conceive and carry a baby to vaginal discharge that may signal a bacterial infection or worse, keeping tabs on these is vital to remaining healthy. LetsGetChecked offers a range of at-home tests and products to help address concerns at every age and stage of reproductive life, plus the option to speak with a healthcare professional should they receive positive results. 

If you suspect you may have a vaginal infection but aren’t sure what kind, LetsGetChecked has a vaginitis test option. The $199 test kit requires a vaginal swab to collect the appropriate sample for testing for bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vaginitis, and candida vaginitis. Shipping is free, both when the test is sent to you and when you send it back to the lab. If the test detects a vaginal infection, you can consult with a medical provider through LetsGetChecked’s website for $39. This provider can write you a prescription, if necessary (price will vary). The company does not take health insurance for the test or treatment costs at this time but does accept flexible spending account (FSA) and health saving account (HSA) payments.

For Tracking Vaginal Health : Evvy Vaginal Health Test



Key Specs
  • Cost: $129 per test; with subscription: $99 every three months 
  • Collection Method: Vaginal swab
  • Accepts Insurance? No; HSA/FSA payments accepted
Why We Chose It

Understanding the makeup of the microbiome in the vagina can give people with vaginas insight into factors that may impact their health. Evvy offers testing and coaching that can lead to a plan to prevent or treat vaginal imbalances and infections.

Pros & Cons
  • Each test comes with a coaching call to discuss results

  • Clinical Care offers preventative options and treatment plans

  • Track vaginal changes over time with subscription

  • Clinical Care not available in every state


Evvy’s Vaginal Health Test gives people with vaginas insight into the fundamental chemical balance of the vagina that often goes unstudied until things go wrong. Evvy’s test consists of a simple vaginal swab that produces results that are anything but. The company claims that its test is the only one that paints a complete picture of all microbes in the vagina. This comprehensive breakdown of the bacteria and fungi of the vagina allows users to learn how and why these organisms impacts their health, including fertility, menopause symptoms, and infections.

One test costs $129, or $99 if you sign up for a membership where you get four tests a year (one every three months). This allows you to track vaginal changes over time, and you skip tests or cancel whenever you like. Every test result is physician-reviewed, and the results are conveyed in a free coaching call where users can get advice about ways to improve the vagina's microbiomes through supplements, diet, lifestyle changes, prescription meds, or a combination of these. If the test shows an infection, users can get treatment plans and medications through a telehealth appointment with a physician in Evvy’s Clinical Care program. Prescriptions and telehealth appointments are not included with the test price, and the Clinical Care option is not available in every state as of now.

For Affordable Pricing : Stix Vaginal Testing Kit

Stix logo


Key Specs
  • Cost: $28 each kit; $23.80 if auto-delivered every two months
  • Collection Method: Vaginal swab
  • Accepts Insurance: No; HSA/FSA payments accepted
Why We Chose It

Simple isn’t always bad, especially when it comes to at-home testing for vaginal discomfort. Stix Vaginal Testing Kit offers two at-home tests in each box for just $28 (or $23.80 with a subscription) that deliver results within minutes so you can find relief faster.  

Pros & Cons
  • Results appear in minutes

  • Each kit comes with multiple tests

  • Available nationwide

  • No in-depth analysis

  • No follow-up telehealth option


Some people don’t love making the trip to the drug store to get tests for sensitive issues like vaginal discomfort, especially if it costs more to do so. That’s why co-founders Cynthia Plotch and Jamie Norwood created Stix, a company where people could purchase affordable vaginal and sexual health products from the privacy of their homes with "No judgments, Just answers." For someone looking for answers as to what might be causing vaginal discomfort, such as itching or odor, the Vaginal Testing Kit is not only simple but inexpensive.

The kit gives users two vaginal pH tests to help diagnose the source of mild vaginal symptoms. You simply insert a sterilized swab into the vagina to gather a sample. The swab is then wiped across a pH test strip. The paper should begin changing color immediately. The included color chart is used to interpret whether the vaginal fluid is more acidic, which may indicate a yeast infection, or less acidic, which could mean bacterial vaginosis

The Stix Vaginal Testing Kit also includes three UTI tests for people who aren’t sure whether the source of their discomfort is bacteria in the urinary tract, which often results in a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. For these conditions, the UTI tests can provide actionable steps for dealing with these scenarios. Stix also offers subscriptions for 15% off the price of tests delivered in one, two, or three-month increments, which might come in handy if you experience ongoing vaginal discomfort, or are trying to track your pH over time. And, Stix provides free standard shipping on purchases totaling $30 or more.

For People With Insurance : Nurx Healthy V Kit



Key Specs
  • Cost: $44.50 with insurance; $190 without insurance
  • Collection Methods: Vaginal swab, throat swab, finger prick
  • Accepts Insurance: Yes
Why We Chose It

Nurx is the only company on this list that provides STI and vaginal health at-home testing that’s covered by insurance. 

Pros & Cons
  • Checks for most common STIs

  • $15 annual consultation fee covers unlimited follow-ups

  • Providers can prescribe treatment

  • Accepts insurance

  • Some carriers do not cover the lab fees

  • Clients must call to confirm insurance coverage

  • Only available in 34 states


Sexually transmitted infections can lead to a whole host of health issues, including vaginal pH imbalances. Nurx is one of the few at-home testing companies that allows users to use their insurance plan to cover various at-home tests that look for common vaginal infections. The Healthy V Kit is a great option for people with insurance experiencing symptoms of infection or wanting peace of mind that they have not contracted an infection from a partner.

The Healthy V Kit screens for the most common infections people with vaginas can develop, including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Of these, Trichomoniasis can impact vaginal pH and present in the same way as bacterial vaginosis—with itching, burning, and an unpleasant odor. It is important to get tested should these symptoms arise to get the proper treatment. The kit requires users to swab the throat and vagina and provide a blood sample via finger prick. Nurx’s test kits offer access to a physician consultation—which includes treatment options for a year—after an initial fee of $15. Nurx and its lab may also be in network for people hoping to use their insurance benefits, reducing their costs for at-home services to under $30 in some cases.

Nurx has become well known in recent years for offering telehealth services that focus on sexual health. The company started by providing prescriptions for birth control pills and PrEP, a drug that can reduce the rate of HIV infection. Over the years, Nurx has expanded its offerings to at-home test kits, such as the Healthy V Kit.

Most Comprehensive : myLAB Box V-Box

MyLAB Box logo


Key Specs
  • Cost: $189
  • Collection Method: Vaginal swab
  • Accepts Insurance: No; FSA/HSA payments accepted
Why We Chose It

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge may be a symptom of a larger problem, including imbalanced pH. The myLAB Box V-Box 5 Panel At Home Vaginal Health Test Pack provides users results for that as well as some of the most common infections that cause vaginal discharge.

Pros & Cons
  • Fast and free shipping

  • Free physician consultation to review results

  • Treatment may be prescribed virtually

  • Comparatively expensive

  • Does not ship to New York


One of the first signs that your vaginal environment could be compromised is unusual discharge. Not only can it ruin your underwear and cause discomfort, but it’s also usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor. However, since this symptom can be caused by a number of different factors, it’s important to find a test that will help you narrow them down. 

The myLAB V-Box 5 Panel At Home Vaginal Health Test Pack contains one swab that collects enough of a sample to test for five of the most common causes of vaginal discharge and discomfort, including yeast and bacterial vaginosis, as well as STIs such as trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. These infections are all treatable, but can drastically alter the vaginal environment, cause pH imbalance, and produce unpleasant discharge.

V-Box costs $189, which is on par with similar comprehensive STI at-home test kits. It includes shipping both to the user and back to the lab for processing. Expect to receive results within one to five days from receipt of the sample at the lab. If you receive positive results, you’re entitled to a free virtual consultation with a physician, who can provide treatment options for most infections.

For Bacterial Vaginosis : EmpowerDX Bacterial Vaginosis Test

empowerDX logo


Key Specs
  • Cost: $119
  •  Collection Method: Urine sample
  • Accepts Insurance: No; HSA/FSA payments accepted
Why We Chose It

Painful symptoms and a strong unpleasant odor may mean vaginal pH is acidic and more prone to a bacterial infection. EmpowerDX Bacterial Vaginosis Test gives users an easy but insightful test that can help guide their next steps toward getting the proper treatment. 

Pros & Cons
  • Customer service representatives available via phone or email

  • Positive test includes medical consult

  • Replaces tests that were unreadable by lab

  • No round-the-clock customer service help

  • Unclear if available in every state


Bacterial vaginosis, or BV, is the most common vaginal infection in people with vaginas, impacting those between the ages of 15 and 44, including a staggering one in four during pregnancy. The condition is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, such as a strong fishy odor, milky discharge, and painful urination. Some people with BV don’t know they have it, putting them at risk for contracting other, more serious infections, including STDs, because it decreases the vagina's natural defenses, making it less resistant to attack. This infection cannot be diagnosed without a specific test, but for people monitoring vaginal pH, the numbers will be higher (aka more acidic). 

EmpowerDX’s Bacterial Vaginosis Test ($119) allows users to find out fast whether their symptoms require a prescription for treatment or not. It may also prevent people from taking over-the-counter medication not suited to BV that will either be ineffective or make things worse. The test involves collecting a urine sample, which enables clinicians to measure the five most common bacteria associated with a BV infection. If the test does show that a user has an infection, a licensed provider will conduct a telehealth appointment for treatment recommendations and next steps. This follow-up appointment is included in the cost of the test, but the treatment is additional.

For Sexual Health Panel : myLAB Box Total Box

Key Specs
  • Cost: $399; subscription saves 10% on six months' worth of tests
  • Collection Method: Finger prick, vaginal swab, urine sample
  • Accepts Insurance: No; FSA/HSA payments accepted
Why We Chose It

An active sex life should not come at the cost of your health or cause vaginal discomfort. The Total Box 14-Panel At Home STD Test Kit from myLAB Box is a comprehensive sexual health test that can diagnose both vaginal infections and STIs that can impact vaginal health.

Pros & Cons
  • One kit tests for 14 STIs

  • HPV option for people with vaginas over 30

  • Free telehealth consult if positive

  • Unavailable to New York residents

  • Doesn’t accept insurance


Sexual activity can lead to infections that can cause a whole host of health problems for people with vaginas, including acidic vaginal pH levels, which can increase the chance of vaginal pain, discomfort, and infections. MyLAB Box Total Box is one of the most comprehensive at-home STI screening tests on the market today. Instead of stopping at the top four or five STIs, Total Box tests for 14, including:

  • HIV I and II
  • Trichomoniasis, which increases vaginal pH
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia (rectal, genital, throat)
  • Hepatitis C
  • Gonorrhea (rectal, genital, throat)
  • Mycoplasma genitalium, which increases vaginal pH
  • Herpes simplex 2

The test costs $399, or $356 if you subscribe (meaning you agree to buy a test every six months). For an additional $30, people with vaginas over 30 can also get tested for the human papillomavirus virus (HPV). This is the most commonly transmitted sexual infection and has been known to lead to cervical cancer. HPV can also lead to anal, vaginal, vulva, and throat cancer.

The test kit includes a finger prick blood collection kit, as well as vaginal, anal, and throat swabs, as well as a container for a urine sample. Results usually generate in one to five days after the lab receives your samples, although our user data suggests the average is eight days. If any tests come back positive, myLAB Box offers a free medical consultation via telehealth to go over how to proceed, including prescription treatment options. if necessary.

Compare At-Home Vaginal pH Tests

Company Cost Collection Method Accepts Insurance? Free Shipping 
LetsGetChecked Vaginitis Test For Medical Support $199 Vaginal swab No Yes
Evvy Vaginal Health Test For Tracking Vaginal Health $129 Vaginal swab No; FSA/HSA payments accepted Yes
Stix Vaginal Testing Kit For Affordable Pricing $28 Vaginal swab No; FSA/HSA payments accepted No
Nurx Healthy V Kit For People With Insurance $44.50 with insurance; $190 without insurance Vaginal swab, finger prick Yes; FSA/HSA payments accepted Yes
myLAB Box V-Box Most Comprehensive $189 Vaginal swab No; FSA/HSA payments accepted Yes
EmpowerDX Bacterial Vaginosis Test For Bacterial Vaginosis $119 Urine sample  No; FSA/HSA payments accepted Yes
myLAB Box Total Box For Sexual Health Panel $399 Finger prick, vaginal swab, urine sample No; FSA/HSA payments accepted Yes

Guide to Choosing an At-Home Vaginal pH Test

How to Compare At-Home Vaginal pH Tests

At-home tests can give users insight into whether their vaginal pH is off. Other home tests analyze for the presence of STIs which can cause an imbalance in the vaginal environment.

So, when it comes to choosing an appropriate test, there are several factors to consider:

  • Symptoms: If you are seeking a test due to an unpleasant vaginal odor or other signs of infection, a pH test can help, but a more comprehensive test to diagnose the source of symptoms, such as bacterial infection or yeast infection, may be necessary. If you have also been experiencing hot flashes, weight gain, and mood changes, along with changes in vaginal composition (such as dryness or pain during intercourse) may want to look at tests that include hormone tracking. Or if you have other signs of a sexually transmitted infection, such as fever and burning while urinating, you may want to test for those possibilities. If there are no obvious symptoms and you want to get a good baseline reading of your vaginal microbiome and make sure there is nothing going on that’s out of the ordinary, Evvy is a good choice.
  • Price: The price of the tests varies by company, but those on our list run anywhere between $28 and $399. Some companies do offer subscription services at a 10% or 15% discount. This often means that they will send out tests at a specific frequency, such as every three months or twice a year. Check whether the price of a test you're considering comes with a medical consultation, or if that is extra. Finally, many of the vaginal pH at-home tests do not take insurance. Most do, however, take FSA and HSA payments since they do usually qualify as medical expenses.
  • Shipping and time to receive results: The shipping costs, both to the client and back to the lab, are rolled into the price in most instances. The turnaround times depend largely on the company, but in most cases, the average is two to five days after the lab receives the sample.
  • Treatment plans: Many companies on this list offer provider consultations after test collection and processing. This can help expedite treatment and provide much-needed relief for uncomfortable and troublesome symptoms. Test results can also be shared with established providers if users prefer to go that route.

Key Considerations

What Can Affect Your Vaginal pH?

Antibiotics, douching, unprotected sex, or tampons can all introduce foreign bacteria and chemicals or reduce lactobacilli, leading to infections. Tight clothing can also limit circulation, allowing unhealthy bacteria to incubate in the vaginal area.

When Should You Test Your vaginal pH?

While the body has a built-in system of checks and balances to maintain vaginal health, factors such as antibiotic use and sexual activity can throw things out of whack and lead to discomfort. “The vagina is usually acidic, but it can be affected by things like antibiotics, semen, or infection,” former nurse and subject matter expert Lindsay Modglin told Health.  “A pH imbalance in the vagina is often a sign of an underlying infection or problem. When more alkaline substances are present, the vaginal pH may increase. This can lead to an increase in unhealthy bacteria that thrive in a more alkaline environment.” 

Common symptoms of a vaginal pH imbalance include: 

  • Fishy or rotten odor
  • Discharge (gray, white, or clear) that gets worse after sex
  • Pelvic pain or discomfort
  • Vulvar burning or itching
  • Frothy discharge, often green or yellow
  • Pain with sex
  • Difficulty urinating or painful urination

The longer symptoms of vaginal infection continue without intervention, the worse they can become. When the pH is unbalanced, a person is more susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted infections and diseases since the vagina is without protective bacteria. However, even a balanced pH does not guarantee resistance to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

What Are the Benefits and Downsides of Taking a Vaginal pH Test at Home?

It can be uncomfortable to have a face-to-face conversation with a doctor about the signs and symptoms of vaginal infection. The greatest benefit of using an at-home vaginal test is that the process is relatively easy and private, so people may be more likely to get tested and receive the appropriate treatment. The results of the tests can then be addressed either via telehealth with the company or shared with your local provider who can then help you with a treatment plan. 

While there are ways to improve vaginal health at home, some infections require prescription medication. Conditions such as bacterial vaginosis are common, but a prescription treatment is better than something over-the-counter. 

Some drawbacks of at-home testing: delays in results due to needing to wait to receive tests in the mail and then mail samples back, and less accurate results than what you might receive from your doctor’s office. Modglin also said there could be “potentially inaccurate results due to user error and not always being comprehensive enough to diagnose an infection or issue.” It is important to remember that any positive result or ongoing symptoms should prompt you to consult a doctor for further treatment and diagnostic testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does an At-Home Vaginal pH Test Work?

    Most at-home vaginal pH tests involve swabbing the vagina to test pH levels for infection, such as the Stix Vaginal Testing Kit, which gives users instant results with the use of easy-to-read strips. Some tests, such as the myLAB Box Total Box, include throat and rectal swabs to identify the presence of STIs. Most companies then require these samples to be mailed back for processing via a lab.

  • Are At-Home Vaginal pH Tests Discreet and Accurate?

    At-home vaginal pH tests are relatively accurate in detecting whether the sample is too acidic or too alkaline. However, these test types do not give any indication of the presence of an infection or if any kind of treatment is warranted to balance the pH. Most of the tests on this list check for a range of factors when evaluating vaginal health, and the samples get processed in CLIA-certified labs, which are regulated by government standards for processing samples and generating results.

  • How Fast Can You Get Your Results With an At-Home Vaginal pH Test?

    The quickest result is from Stix strips, which can show pH levels are in a matter of minutes. However, since most of the tests on this list involve lab processing, the average time for results is two to five days after the lab receives the samples. You'll usually be able to view them on a secure online portal.

  • What Should You Do If Your At-Home Vaginal pH Test Results Show an Imbalance?

    Not all pH imbalances mean that treatment is required. It merely informs the you that the vaginal environment is off, making it more prone to infection. More comprehensive tests—for example, the ones that test for STIs and other vaginal infections—give more detailed results that may include a medical provider consultation and treatment options. If you receive a positive test, abnormal results, or still have symptoms after a negative test, you should always consult with your medical provider about possible causes and treatments.


In the creation of this list, we looked at over two dozen companies that provide at-home vaginal pH tests. While many other companies offer STI testing, not all offer testing for vaginal pH specifically. Our first consideration was to find at-home test options that are easy to use, reliable, reasonably priced, processed in CLIA, CAP, and CLEP-certified labs, and have relatively short lab processing times. Another key factor was whether consultations with medical personnel are available. And while pricing wasn’t a main deciding factor, we highlighted testing options at various price points to suit different budgets. 

vaginal suppository on a pink background, for the treatment of candidiasis

Alexmia / Getty Images

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