Screen Yourself at Home: Our 7 At-Home HPV Test Picks

See which companies made our list of the top at-home HPV tests of 2023.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. In most cases, HPV infections resolve on their own without treatment. But in one out of every 10 cases, the body doesn’t clear the virus on its own, and this can lead to cancer of the genitals or throat. Since the virus often doesn’t cause any symptoms, regular testing for HPV is important for your health and that of your sexual partners. And thanks to convenient at-home tests, you can now screen yourself in the privacy of your home. 

Most at-home testing companies check for the common, high-risk strains of HPV known to increase your risk of developing cancer and work with certified labs to provide you with accurate results. But not all at-home HPV tests are created equal. Some go above the basics to test for more strains of HPV, provide highly detailed specimen collection instructions to reduce the chance of inaccurate results, and offer you guidance on next steps or connect you with a healthcare provider should you test positive. We researched and assessed over a dozen at-home HPV tests with the help of a clinical researcher and nurse. We also had this article medically reviewed for accuracy. Here are the at-home HPV tests we recommend.

Our 7 Picks for At-Home HPV Tests of 2023

Most Comprehensive : iDNA Complete Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $298; membership $50 per month
  • Type of Test: Blood, urine, vaginal swab
  • Time for Results: 2-7 days
Pros & Cons
  • Tests for several common STIs, including multiple strains of HPV

  • Membership available

  • Free shipping

  • Doctor consult only available with a membership

  • Offers HPV testing for males

Why We Chose It

iDNA’s Complete Test is a comprehensive testing kit that checks for numerous common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including all 14 high-risk strains of HPV identified by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). It also tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, herpes 2, hepatitis C, HIV I/II, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma. It’s a good choice for sexually active individuals who want a complete picture of their sexual health status.

We also appreciated that the complete testing kit includes instructions and tools for taking urine, blood, and vaginal swab samples. Once you take your samples, you can mail them to the company’s CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified partner lab for testing in the included prepaid shipping box. College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation and certification through the federal government’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program both ensure best practices in lab procedures and accuracy and reliability of test results. Processing at the lab takes two to seven days. This is a wider range than most companies on this list; two days is one of the shortest turnaround times, but seven days is among the longest. 

An advantage of iDNA is the membership option which, at $50 per month, gives you access to either a free monthly test or a doctor’s consult (additional consults are $45 each). Membership also includes 25% off all lab tests. Without the membership, you don’t have access to doctor’s consults. 

Note: The company says this at-home test can test for HPV in people assigned male at birth using a urine sample. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there’s no currently approved HPV test for people assigned male at birth, so we do not recommend this test for this use.

Fast Results : HPV High Risk Test Kit, Genital logo

Key Specs 
  • Cost: $99
  • Type of Test: Vaginal swab or urine sample
  • Time for Results: 3-4 business days 
Pros & Cons
  • Quick lab turnaround time

  • Works with CLIA-certified labs

  • Accepts FSA/HSA payment

  • Offers testing for males

  • Not available in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island

Why We Chose It’s HPV test kit includes everything you need to take a vaginal swab and mail it to one of the service’s partner labs. It has a shorter turnaround window for test results than the other companies we evaluated, which is ideal if you’re in a hurry to find out your HPV status.

All of the laboratories the company works with are CLIA-certified, and many are also CAP accredited. Each test kit includes instructions to help minimize human error. Once you send those samples to the lab, you’ll receive results by email within three to four business days. The test can check whether you’re positive for high-risk HPV strains 16 and 18. For all other high-risk strains, results will show up as detected or undetected. If you get a positive test result, you may get a phone call from’s network of providers.

Like iDNA, the company says the kit is also for men, but there’s no currently approved HPV test for males. A three-site test kit is also available to check for HPV in the rectum, oral cavity, and genitals. The company accepts flexible spending account (FSA) and health saving account (HSA) payments but can’t ship kits to New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island due to state regulations.

Affordability : Everlywell HPV Test

Everlywell Screen for HPV


Key Specs
  • Cost: $49
  • Type of Test: Vaginal swab
  • Time for Results: 5-7 business days
Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive

  • Subscription option available

  • Physician support if your results are abnormal

  • Does not accept insurance

  • Doesn’t test for other STIs

Why We Chose It 

If you’re only interested in testing for HPV and don’t want to break the bank on comprehensive STI testing, the Everlywell HPV Test is an affordable option to consider. The Texas-based at-home testing company makes it easy to take charge of your health from home. Its HPV test is only $49 and comes with clearly labeled materials and detailed instructions on how to collect your vaginal swab sample.

It will take the brand’s CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited partner lab about five to seven business days to process your sample and send you your results. If your results are abnormal, Everlywell provides a complimentary consult with a physician in its network of independent healthcare providers. However, the company also recommends sharing your results with your primary healthcare provider since they may recommend additional testing such as a pap smear. 

The Everlywell HPV test screens for all 14 high-risk HPV strains. A positive result will show whether you have an infection caused by HPV strain 16, 18, or 45. While strains 16 and 18 account for most cervical cancer cases, other strains also play a role in the development of cervical and other cancers.

The company recommends taking the test if you’re over 30 years old and looking to assess your cervical cancer risk. While you can contract HPV before 30, most people who get HPV clear the infection. Since it takes years for an infection to morph into cervical cancer, testing at an early age isn’t more beneficial. The American Cancer Society recommends cervical cancer screening every five years starting at age 25.

Medical Support : myLAB Box HPV Test

myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit

 myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit

Key Specs
  • Cost: $89
  • Type of Test: Vaginal swab
  • Time for Results: 2-5 business days
Pros & Cons
  • Simple sample collection process

  • Free physician consult

  • Free shipping

  • Not available to people in New York state

  • Only for age 30 and older

Why We Chose It 

The myLAB Box HPV Test is another HPV-only screening kit that tests for all 14 high-risk forms of HPV. Each myLAB Box at-home testing kit comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and an included medical consult should you test positive.

Arriving in a discreet package, the kit includes all the materials you need to take a vaginal swab and a prepaid, pre-addressed return envelope to send your sample to the brand’s CAP and CLIA-certified partner lab. Results are typically available via email within two to five days of the lab receiving your sample. The email will contain a link to a secure online portal to review the results. Your results will show if you tested positive for high-risk HPV strains 16 and 18. A third category will let you know if you tested positive for one or more of the other high-risk HPV strains.

The test also includes a free phone consultation with a physician where you can discuss next steps. In addition to the consult, the brand recommends scheduling an in-person follow-up with a physician if you test positive and bringing your results with you to that appointment.

Unlike other companies, myLAB Box only allows women 30 or older to purchase the test. The company also discourages people assigned male at birth from testing since there’s no FDA-approved HPV test for them.

Younger Women : Nurx HPV Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $49 with insurance or $79 without 
  • Type of Test: Vaginal swab
  • Time for Results: 7 days 
Pros & Cons
  • Accepts insurance

  • Unlimited messaging with the brand’s health team

  • Affordable pricing

  • Results less comprehensive than other companies

  • Longer test result turnaround time than many other companies

Why We Chose It 

Nurx is one of the only at-home HPV test services that accepts insurance. Because it offers additional services like birth control prescriptions and emergency contraception, it’s a good choice for young women who want to take control of their sexual health. 

The brand’s HPV test includes a test kit, free delivery, and a prepaid return label. While most competitors offer consults with positive results, everyone who pays the Nurx $15 consultation fee gets access to unlimited messaging with a medical practitioner. That means you can ask questions not just about your HPV test results but about anything related to sexual health. 

For those who don’t want their insurance billed directly for privacy reasons, there’s also an option to pay out of pocket by credit card. Once the CAP-accredited, CLIA-approved partner lab (Molecular Testing Labs) processes your sample—which should take about seven days—someone will reach out to you to discuss your results. 

The downside of going with Nurx is that testing results aren’t particularly detailed. While the brand tests for all 14 high-risk strains of HPV, your results will only show whether you’re negative or positive.

Ease of Use : myLAB Box Total Box

Key Specs
  • Cost: $369
  • Type of Test: Finger prick blood sample, vaginal swab, urine collection
  • Time for Results: 2-5 days
Pros & Cons
  • HPV test is an optional add-on

  • Free shipping

  • Subscription option with savings available 

  • More expensive than competitors

  • Not available to people in New York state

Why We Chose It 

The myLAB Box Total Box – 14 Panel At Home STD Test Kit makes comprehensive checking of your STI status simple. The easy-to-follow instructions are included in the box, but if you need more help, you can watch the video instructions on the company website or download and read a PDF of the instructions. If you test positive, myLAB Box will connect you with a free telehealth consultation.

The kit tests you for chlamydia and gonorrhea of the genitals, throat, and rectum; hepatitis C; HIV I/II; herpes simplex 2; syphilis; trichomoniasis; mycoplasma; and HPV (optional). The test kit is available with or without add-on HPV testing. The brand recommends adding this option only if you’re over 30.

While the test kit is available for males and females, the company points out that there is no approved HPV test for males. The specific test page doesn’t outline what HPV strains the test checks for, but it’s probably safe to assume the lab tests for all 14 strains, like the HPV-only myLAB Box test. A subscription option is available and allows you to save on repeat purchases. 

Subscription : iDNA HPV Test


 iDNA HPV Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $88, membership $50 per month
  • Type of Test: Urine sample (male) or vaginal swab (female)
  • Time for Results: 2-7 days
Pros & Cons
  • Membership is a great value

  • Includes 25% off all lab tests

  • Ability to cancel at any time

  • Consults are only available with a membership

  • Membership cost may not be worth it if you don’t use it regularly

Why We Chose It 

iDNA membership is a solid option if you’re looking for convenient, repeat at-home testing. The HPV Test kit specifically tests for all 14 high-risk types of HPV. Opting for the iDNA membership lets you choose between one test or physician consult per month—all for $50 per month. You’ll also get access to 25% off all tests and can cancel anytime. Additional physician consults cost $45 per session. Without the membership, you don’t have access to physician consultations.

In addition to HPV testing, iDNA also offers a variety of at-home test kits, including thyroid panel testing, vitamin D level tests, and other sexual health tests. And while the company offers test kits for male and female patients, keep in mind that there is no FDA-approved test for detecting HPV in males.

Compare the Best At-Home HPV Tests

Company Cost Type of Test Time for Results Free Shipping 
iDNA Complete Test
Most Comprehensive
$298, membership $50/month Blood, urine, vaginal swab 2-7 days Yes HPV High Risk Test Kit, Genital
Fast Results
$99 Vaginal swab or urine sample 3-4 days Yes
Everlywell Screen for HPV
$49 Vaginal swab 5-7 days Yes
myLAB Box HPV Test Kit
Medical Support
$89 Vaginal swab 2-5 days  Yes
Nurx HPV Test
Younger Women
$49 with insurance, $79 without Vaginal swab 7 days Yes
myLAB Box Total Box
Ease of Use
$369 Finger prick blood sample, vaginal swab, urine sample 2-5 days Yes
$88, membership $50/month Urine sample or vaginal swab 2-7 days Yes

How to Choose the Best At-Home HPV Test

There are various factors to consider when deciding which at-home HPV test is best for you. These factors include:

  • Price: The more comprehensive the test, the pricier it will be. While most at-home test providers don’t accept insurance, some do bill insurance directly, which can help offset the cost of testing. Many providers also accept FSA/HSA payments, which can help make testing more affordable. 
  • Accuracy of results: The most accurate way to test for HPV is using a vaginal swab. However, one 2019 study found that urine sample testing may be a reliable method for screening at-risk HPV populations. As of yet, there’s not enough data to confirm the effectiveness of urine-based HPV testing. And while there are hundreds of HPV strains, most at-home tests only check for high-risk strains. Look also for companies that work with reputable certified labs. “Using a CLIA-certified lab for at-home test kits is a safeguard against inaccurate results, as many at-home test kits themselves aren't regulated by the FDA,” Lindsay Modglin, a nurse and professional writer, told Health
  • How long it takes to get results: Most at-home testing companies offer similar turnarounds, but some may be able to get you your results within a slightly shorter timeframe than others. Keep in mind that turnaround time doesn’t usually include the time it takes to ship the kit to you or for you to ship it back to the company. 
  • Shipping and privacy: A reputable at-home provider will ship your test kit in discreet packaging. Also look for companies that are HIPAA-compliant to ensure your results and health data are kept private.

Key Considerations

Why Should I Purchase an At-Home HPV Test?

At-home HPV tests allow you to collect samples in the comfort of your own home for lab testing. The lab checks for high-risk strains of HPV that might be precursors to cancers like cervical cancer. While it’s still a good idea to get regular pap smears and visit a gynecologist, not everyone has the ability to easily find a doctor or get to appointments. 

If you don’t have the time or means to see a doctor in person, an at-home HPV test is a convenient and reliable way to stay informed about your sexual and overall health. One 2019 study suggests that mail-order kits can increase cervical cancer screening rates in women. Keep in mind that at-home tests don’t check for all strains of HPV, such as low-risk ones that can cause symptoms like genital warts. 

Who Should Consider an At-Home HPV Test?

If you’re under 25 years old, you probably don’t need to test for HPV. Most HPV infections in younger folks clear up on their own and don’t develop into cancer. If you’re older than 25 and have a high-risk HPV infection, though, you may have a higher risk of developing certain cancers. 

Often, HPV doesn’t cause symptoms, so if you’re experiencing other symptoms like discharge or vaginal irritation, seeing a doctor in person is a good idea. The same goes if you get a positive result from an at-home HPV test. “Your doctor may recommend treatment or further testing if you test positive and have cervical changes,” Modglin said. She recommended avoiding testing during your period and using vaginal products or medications several days before testing to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is HPV?

    The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common viral infection you can get through sexual contact. Nine out of 10 cases of HPV will clear out of the body naturally within two years. Those cases that aren’t cleared may lead to genital warts or cancer of the genitals or throat. HPV is responsible for about 37,300 cases of cancer each year in the U.S.

  • What Are the Symptoms of HPV?

    Most people with HPV don’t have symptoms. However, some people with low-risk strains of HPV may develop genital warts.

  • What Is the Treatment for HPV?

    There’s currently no treatment for HPV. But treatment is available for genital warts, precancerous cervical lesions, and other cancers caused by HPV. A vaccine to protect against HPV is available for people ages 9-26 and is typically administered in adolescence. 

  • What Does an HPV Test Measure?

    “At-home HPV tests look for the presence of high-risk strains of HPV, which are associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, including cervical cancer. A positive result doesn't mean you'll develop cancer. It just means there is a higher chance than without the virus. Knowing you're at risk can help you stay on top of regular screenings and catch cervical changes early,” said Modglin.


We looked at several at-home testing companies to find ones that provide HPV testing. While many brands offer STI testing, not all of them offer at-home testing for HPV. We researched and assessed nearly a dozen at-home HPV test kits, comparing cost, accuracy, and other considerations. We also consulted an expert. Our main priority was to look for companies that process samples in reputable, certified labs. We also looked for brands that offered easy-to-use test kits and reasonable turnaround times for results. Another important consideration was whether companies could connect users with physicians to discuss results. And while pricing wasn’t the most important deciding factor, we made sure to highlight testing options to suit various budgets.

Young pretty Asian woman using HPV self-test kit at home

Images By Tang Ming Tung / Getty Images

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