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Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum


As the weather gets colder and we spend more time indoors, it’s all the more important to keep our homes free of pet hair and dust and everything else that we drag inside. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep your floors and carpets clean, thanks to HEPA filter vacuums like the Shark Robot Vacuum and ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which are pros at picking up pet hair and dust—no traditional vacuuming required. And, with the new Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, you can get one for up to 40% off.

The Prime Early Access Sale is the first of its kind—a second Amazon Prime Day—but you have to be a Prime member to shop. You can still sign up for free to try it just for the event. The discounts are available from Tuesday, October 11 through Wednesday, October 12. If you’re starting to think about holiday shopping, now’s the time to save big and stock up on gifts. Amazon is pushing up the start of the holiday shopping season to guarantee you get your presents in time this year without any delays. 

HEPA vacuum cleaners are just one of the many products with steep discounts. The Shark Robot Vacuum comes with a HEPA filter, which stands for high-efficiency particulate air filter, that can theoretically remove up to 99.97% of tiny airborne particles, the Environmental Protection Agency explains. Though these are commonly used as air filters, they can also be used in vacuums to help catch small particles like dust or dander that wouldn’t otherwise be picked up by a vacuum. 

Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum


To buy: Shark Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, $350 (was $650);

The Shark Robot vacuum is Wi-Fi connected, maps your home, and has the option of UltraClean Mode for when your dog drags in all the fall foliage and mud with it. It’s easy for you to dictate which rooms should get the most love—like the kitchen, around dog bowls, or anywhere there’s carpet—via the app, or your voice if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device (both of which are also up to 70% off for the Prime Day sale). And then watch as the robot vigorously cleans for up to 120 minutes in one shot.

In particular, people with lots of pet hair, dander, and dust in their homes rave about the vacuum. "This has been a game changer for keeping my house clean," raves one Amazon shopper. Because it’s automated and has a HEPA filter, HEPA vacuums can keep up with shedding pets, reducing some allergens in the process. Amazon shoppers that own Aussie Shepherds and cats, or Labradors agree that this robot vacuum is the key to eliminating any vacuuming you have to do.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner,

To buy: ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $115 (was $160);

Another HEPA vacuum that’s on the lower cost end and highly rated is the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With 14,108 five-star reviews, shoppers love its durability and battery life the most. 

At 4.5-pounds and 3 inches high, the vacuum can fit under desks, dressers, or bed frames, saving you from crouching and crawling. It works with hardwood floors, laminate, tile, and low-pile carpeting, and is easy to use. Turn it on and select the mode with a remote controller, or you can schedule an automatic cleaning so that the vacuum will run and then return to its docking station, all on its own. 

Reviewers say this vacuum helps keep dust and pet hair at bay. “We were sweeping every day and vacuuming every three days and still sneezing,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “We run [the vacuum] every day and since we have, my sinus headaches have reduced by half.” Another reviewer writes, “if you have pets, this is a lifesaver!” 

Shoppers also love how efficient this vacuum is, and the price. One reviewer has two dogs that shed a lot, and wrote, “I haven’t had to sweep for months! This baby is worth at least three times the price I paid.” 

In order for the product to work as best it can, dustbins and the HEPA filter should be emptied and cleaned after each use. Luckily, there’s one HEPA filter included with the vacuum and refills are relatively inexpensive on Amazon

Whether you’re an allergy sufferer, a pet owner, chronically low on time, or just want to make sure your floors and carpets don’t have dust, dander, and hair lurking where you can’t see it, a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great option. And, with the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, you can find vacuums that won’t break the bank.

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