Title: Type 2 diabetes advocate; Body and LGBTQ activist; Content creator
Education: Loyola University Chicago
Expertise: Body liberation; Challenging type 2 diabetes stigma; Fat activism
  • Digital content creator for Ready to Stare since 2012
  • Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 28
  • Featured in a nationwide commercial on myths about type 2 diabetes
  • Speaker at the Fat Activism Conference
  • Named by Google as an "LGBTQ+ Creator Sparking Change and Inspiring Generations"


Alysse Dalessandro is a queer plus size writer and content creator thriving with type 2 diabetes. Her social media Ready to Stare and corresponding blog focus on creating inclusive fashion, travel and lifestyle content all while challenging the norms of what it means to live with type 2 diabetes.

Whether it's wearing a crop top, zip lining through the rain forest, or searching for LGBTQ+ friendly themed hotels, Alysse shows that if she can do it, so can you! Ready to Stare aims to be a place where plus size LGBTQ+ folks can feel seen while allies are welcomed to be informed and educated.

NBC Out named Alysse one of their 2019 #Pride50 for her work as a contemporary change-maker, innovator and rising star in the LGBTQ community and GO Magazine honored Alysse one of their 100 Women We Love, Class of 2020. In 2022, Google named Alysse an "LGBTQ+ Creator Sparking Change and Inspiring Generations."

After years of encountering medical and societal fatphobia, I write about health in order to offer a different perspective. I aim to empower those living in larger bodies to advocate for fair and equal treatment while challenging the systems in place that allow size discrimination to thrive.


Alysse has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a Bachelor of Arts degree in gender studies both from Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, IL. Though Alysse has no formal education in health and wellness, her keen ability to combine personal experience with expert research has resonated with readers in her more than 15 year writing career.

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