Recently, I enjoyed a couple of wonderfully relaxing and indulgent vacations. Eat, drink, and be merry was the name of the game, but I didn't allow myself to go overboard either. I didn't want to come back from my vacation feeling worse than when I left!

Are you planning a vacation this season? If so, here are a few tips for staying healthy!

Don't take a vacation from your workouts
Before I begin my vacation, I figure out when and how I can be active during it. While waiting at the airport, for example, I'll take the time to look ahead in my travel plans to see where I can fit in exercise. Some of my favorite ways: a three-mile early-morning run before the day gets started, an afternoon hike with my husband to explore a scenic area, or a quick CrossFit-style workout in the hotel gym before happy hour. Making sure my vacation includes some sort of physical activity is a constant reminder of my fitness goals and sets a healthy tone, so I keep my habits in check while enjoying myself at the same time.

Plan your splurges wisely
I never used to pay much attention to what I ate on vacation, but too much indulging always left me returning from my time away a few pounds heavier and unhappy with myself. Now when I splurge on vacation, I make sure it's worth it. For instance, I'll pass on a blueberry muffin from the hotel's continental breakfast, but I'll splurge on a pastry from a local bakery later in the day. Instead of just regular fare that doesn't mean much, I carefully pick my splurges, so they include some lasting memories from my vacation and, of course, so I can fully enjoy them without guilt!

Think small 
I don't like restricting myself when I'm on vacation, especially when it comes to food and drink. But, at the same time, I don't want to go overboard either. I usually want to taste just about everything that comes my way, so I pay attention to my portion sizes and think small. On our recent vacation to Oahu, my husband and I dined at a Japanese restaurant where we ordered a bunch appetizers and sushi rolls, which was a great way to taste a number of different dishes, but avoid the inflated portion sizes. Plus, by ordering a bunch of small plates, it adjusted my image of how much I was eating, so I didn't overindulge.

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