For real-time nutrition help, check your smartphone. These new diet apps don't stop at helping you log your food and track your calories. They actually connect you with advice when you need it most—while you eat.


You're matched with an RD, who offers food ideas to guide you toward your diet goal. Snap a photo of what you eat and your coach will write back within the day with ways to improve on it. (Plans from $15 a week; iTunes)


If you stray from Zestar's meal plans—say, you've got a last-minute restaurant lunch—the app adjusts the next meal's specs based on what you've eaten to keep you on track. (Plans from $4 a month; iTunes)

DietPoint Pro

A huge part of slimming down is eating mindfully. DietPoint offers 130 meal plans and sends timed reminders, like "Drop what you're doing and focus on your lunch" to keep you committed. ($8; iTunes and Google Play)

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