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Living With Diabetes

How the Costs of Type 2 Diabetes Can Add Up

Blood glucose test strips alone can cost a dollar each Read More

Your Family Can Sabotage Your Efforts

You may need to cope with family members who are less than supportive  Read More

How to Learn to Live With Type 2 Diabetes

You'll need to cope with health costs, the office party, and family members who may be less than supportive. Read More

How to Navigate Air Travel if You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Select glucose meters and medication-delivery systems that are air-travel-friendly. Read More

Medicare: One Patient's Story

Medicare helps, but he still pays $300 a month for medication and supplies Read More

Friends Turn Into the "Diabetes Police"

They probably want to help, but it's still annoying Read More

Connecting With Other People With Diabetes

You can meet people in your local community or online Read More

"Having Diabetes Made Me Feel Old and Ashamed"

Carole, 48, felt like her life was a "roller coaster" of medications, weight gain, and shame Read More

Stress Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

You may need more insulin or other medications to control blood sugar when you are under stress Read More