Complications of Diabetes

How to Avoid Amputations if You Have Diabetes

Foot injuries are the most common cause of hospitalizations in people with diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes Complications

You need to keep an eye on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar

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Nerve damage, medication, stress, and depression can play a role

How One Woman Copes With Laser Treatments

Doctors use such treatments to shrink abnormal blood vessels in the eye

How Blood Sugar Damages the Eye in Diabetes

People with diabetes are 25 times more likely than other people to go blind

4 Important Eye Tests for People With Diabetes

An ophthalomologist or optometrist—not your primary doctor—should conduct these tests

Why You Need a Dilated Eye Exam Every Year

If you detect retinopathy early, you're less likely to lose your vision

How One Doctor Helps Patients to Avoid Kidney Dialysis

Diet, exercise, and medication helped one patient slow down kidney damage

You May Need Dialysis If Diabetes Damages Your Kidneys

Diane, 61, has been on kidney dialysis for three years

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