After Your Diagnosis

5 Things You Should Do After a Diabetes Diagnosis

However you are diagnosed, it's difficult to make instantaneous lifestyle changes

How to Avoid—and Even Reverse—Diabetes

Diabetes is rampant right now, but there's a groundbreaking new way to avoid and even reverse the disease.

One Woman Felt Angry After a Diabetes Diagnosis

Talking to other people with diabetes may help

To Control Diabetes You Need to Watch Your Blood Sugar

Keep your blood sugar at healthy levels to reduce your risk of complications

Decoding Type 2 Diabetes Lingo: 6 Questions to Ask

It's not unusual to be confused by the avalanche of new information

Taking Diabetes Drugs Now Can Help You Avoid Them Later

When blood sugar is very high, it's harder to control with diet and exercise

How One Man With Diabetes Changed His Diet and Exercise

Lew, age 41, threw away his greasy lunch and started exercising after a diabetes diagnosis

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