Motivation is a tricky thing. One day you have it, the next day it all goes POOF! You're back to devouring a pint of ice cream or sleeping in instead of working out. With that in mind, here's the latest gadget aimed to keep you on the road to living healthier: the Count Me Healthy Bracelet.

The idea behind this pretty silver cuff is simple: Every time you move a step closer to your healthy goal for the day—whether it's drinking X glasses of water, eating X servings of fruits and veggies, or counting each time you choose more movement over less—you move one of the sterling silver beads to show your progress.

Now the creators recommend starting with the beads all on one side of the bracelet, then sliding them to the other as you progress, but I respectfully decline. Doing that makes the bracelet look and feel weirdly lopsided. My solution: Split the beads so that there are six at each end, then move them toward the center.

It's worth noting that the beads are hard to budge. That makes sense, of course—to keep accurate track, they need to stay in place—but it also means you may have to take off the bracelet for a little extra leverage.

My favorite way to use the bracelet: I slide one bead every time I make a good exercise or diet choice, like climbing the three flights of stairs to my office instead of taking the elevator or asking the Subway guy to make my turkey sandwich cheese-free. And, of course, I reward myself for accomplishing a week's worth of perfectly beaded days. Nothing adds motivation like the promise of lunch at my favorite sushi joint.

Now I'm not necessarily urging you to run out and buy one of these bracelets. It's pretty pricey ($80), and there are far cheaper—though admittedly less attractive—ways to track each glass of water you drink (a pencil and paper come to mind). But if a little bling is what it takes to finally put you on the Road to Fabulous Healthiness, I'm all for it.

Product: Count Me Healthy Bracelet

Category: Gear

Pros: It's a really cute, fun way to track all sorts of goals.

Cons: The beads don't move smoothly, plus it's expensive.

Cost: $80 at

Extra tip: Print the cards that can help you track your day-to-day progress from here.