It never fails: I’m in a yoga class and we move into a pose, like a lunge salute, that involves putting weight on our knees—and half the women in the class (including myself) automatically spread blankets on their mats for padding. It’s not surprising, as we gals tend to wear our out knees as time goes by, making some yoga poses a little uncomfortable. So kudos to FILA for inventing a truly useful pair of yoga pants: the Knee Pad Yoga Capri.

The name pretty much says it all: These are basic black yoga capris, but with a large square of padding over each knee. The pads are thin. Translation: They don’t scream,“I’m wearing knee pads!” Still, they give about the same amount of cushioning as a single or double layer of a blanket does. Overall, the pants fit well, and the fabric has a nice, stretchy weave that’s not only comfortable but also wicks sweat quite nicely.

There’s one caveat, though, and it’s definitely worth noting: These capris have a “crotch gusset” (i.e., an oval piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area), and the placement of the seams makes it look, somewhat embarrassingly, like I have a sort of continuous frontal wedgie, if you will, even though the pants fit just fine. It was enough of an issue to keep me from wearing them to yoga class; I chose instead to test them in the privacy of my den.

The verdict: These capris are a great idea for yoginis with achy joints, eliminating the need for extra padding during knee-down poses. But you may want to save them for your home practices—or at least wear them with a long T-shirt.

Product: Fila Knee Pad Yoga Capri

Category: Apparel

Pros: These comfy pants eliminate the need for extra knee padding during yoga poses.

Cons: Some of the stitching is less than flattering.

Cost: $55 at

Extra tip: They pad only your knees for comfort; they don’t protect them internally during challenging poses. So if you sometimes modify the poses to go easier on your joints, you should continue to do so when you wear them.