My ideal workout shorts? A pair that works for a bunch of different situations—yoga, circuit training, even running out to grab a coffee with a girlfriend. (OK, and wearing to the grocery store too.) One excellent candidate: Moving Comfort’s new Fusion Bermuda shorts.

Here’s what makes them so versatile: They’ve got both fashion and function down pat. Fashion-wise, they’re shaped like traditional Bermuda shorts, with an almost tailored look, ending right above the knee. The cut is flattering, and they skim my curves without clinging to them (and making me wonder just which lumps and bumps are poking out).

Function-wise, they’re made of wicking, tech material, so sweat is no problem (though thanks to the closeness of the weave, they’re more suited for indoor or lower-intensity workouts than full-on heat-of-the-summer-day outdoor sessions). What’s more, they’re super comfy.

Other cool features: They’re buttery soft and have a handy little internal pocket, just the right size for your key (or, in my case, my I’m-never-without-it Fitbit activity monitor).

My only grumble: The waistband is cut a bit higher than I prefer for my short-trunk body. But hey, that’s just me, and regardless of that, I love wearing them.

Hmm. I wonder if I could get away with wearing these to work....

Product: Moving Comfort Fusion Bermuda shorts

Category: Apparel

Pros: Soft-on-your-skin, flattering workout shorts you can wear to yoga class, to the gym, or when just hanging around.

Cons: The waistband’s set a little high (though admittedly not everyone will consider this a con).

Cost: $42 at

Extra tip: Black, schmack. Choose the aubergine color with flame piping—so cute!