Sure, pocketless workout wear looks sleek, but it presents a bit of a problem when it comes to finding a place to put my keys and ID when I head out to skate or Nordic walk.

I’ve tried holders that clip to my waist, wrap around my arm or ankle, or clip to my shoe, but they always turn out to be too bulky or they shift around or they just don’t hold enough. As a result, I’ve never been totally satisfied—until now. Allow me to introduce the SPIbelt.

The SPIbelt (SPI stands for "small personal item") is a pouch made of a stretchy material attached to an elastic waist belt—but don’t let its simplicity fool you. The pouch looks tiny at first, as if there’s no way I could cram all my stuff into it. But here’s the thing: It stretches to accommodate just about anything you'd want to take with you—in my case, a cell phone, ID, keys, a couple of cough drops, and some tissues (can you tell I have a cold?).

I harbored doubts about how comfy it would be, and when I put it on, my keys were indeed digging into the small of my back. But I reached back, adjusted the placement of the items, and bingo—it felt just fine.

Here’s the coolest part, and the one that really sold me on the SPIbelt: It didn’t shift, move, bounce, or ride up, no matter how fast I was moving. I actually forgot I was wearing it.

I’ve since discovered that the company also sells a reflective version on its website—a nice touch, but at $10 extra, the cost seems a bit excessive.

But hey, I can always clip a light onto the belt I have. This is one workout accessory that, from now on, I won’t be leaving the house without.

Product: SPIbelt

Category: Gear

Pros: The pouch adjusts to fit either a little or a lot, and it still manages to be super comfortable. Best of all, it doesn’t shift while you’re moving.

Cons: You have to pay extra if you want the reflective version.

Cost: $20 at

Extra tip: It’s a bit of a stretch (no pun intended), but you can fit a passport and some cash in the pouch and wear it under your shirt or jacket for security while traveling.