Bike jerseys rock. They're super-breathable, wick sweat pronto, and have those terrific, roomy pockets on the back for stuff like keys, cell phone, ID, and even a packet of GU. And they're just as handy for skating, walking, and hiking as for biking. But traditional jerseys usually fit pretty close to the body (often with elastic on the bottom)—not the most flattering style for anyone with ample (read: womanly) hips, a bit of a belly pooch, or even a hint of love handles, especially if you're spending the bulk of your workout crouched low over the handlebars. But don't despair, curvy women of the world! Instead, please give a warm welcome to Terry's new Relaxed Jersey.

This cute top (I love the Japanese-style rosebuds print) not only boasts an elastic-free bottom, but it's also slightly flared through the waist, so it skims your shape instead of clinging to all the wrong places. It fits like a dream, too—so comfortable! This is a terrific choice for any woman wanting bike jersey benefits without the self-consciousness that often comes along for the, er, ride.

The only drawback is that it only comes in three prints (no solids). But hey, that's nitpicking.

It's always heartening to find great workout clothes structured for women who don't necessarily look like hard-body athletes. Nice work, Terry.

Product: Terry Relaxed Jersey

Category: Apparel

Pros: A cute, comfy multi-sport top with lots of pocket space and—best of all!—a figure-forgiving fit.

Cons: It only comes in three prints.

Cost: $75 at

Extra tip: While you're at the website, check out Terry's sock collection—they've got some of the cutest, comfiest, keep-your-feet-their-coolest styles on the planet.