On a cold, blustery Vermont day late last month, I slipped a pair of Dragon Alliance's new DXS-i ski goggles over my helmet and headed toward the lift for my first run. The goggles, with "super anti-fog technology" are supposedly impervious to fog. Well, we'd see about that.

Did I mention it was cold and blustery? As the lift climbed the mountain, I pulled my scarf up over my nose and mouth, forcing whatever warm, moist air managed to escape to head right up into the goggles. They stayed fog-free. Ditto during my first few runs.

Around the fourth or fifth lift ride, I decided to take my mind off my freezing extremities by putting all my energy into fogging up the goggles. I breathed as hard and moistly as I could, and was rewarded with a quick hint of the gray stuff—which then vanished as quickly as it had appeared. It didn't come back.

Now this is a good thing. I'm not a hardcore skier, but even the blue (intermediate) trails on which I spend most of my time require sharp, clear vision to avoid wiping out due to an icy spot or unexpected turn. The Dragons delivered.

Here's what else I like about them:

  • The amber/gold ionized lens made glare a nonissue, despite a day that morphed from cloudy to sunny back to cloudy again. Plus, it provides full UV protection (as important in the winter as in the summer).
  • They're really lightweight and comfy, thanks to an abundance of foam.
  • Made specifically for women's smaller heads (of which I have one), they fit really well, even when looped over my helmet.
  • They come with a soft cotton pouch to keep them scratch-free when I'm not using them, plus an extra lens in case I end up scratching them anyway.
  • Looks-wise, they're really cool. You can get them in a bunch of eye-catching patterns, including my fave, the purple and cream Victorian print.

I only have one issue with these babies: The foam-covered vents around the outside let in a bit of cool air when the wind started gusting—and one thing I don't need when out on the slopes is any help getting colder than I already am.

Overall, though, bravo to Dragon for creating a truly fog-free pair of goggles. Now, maybe someone can invent a pair of ski gloves that can keep my fingers from turning into mini icicles....

Product: Dragon DXS-i Ski Goggles

Category: Gear

Pros: The lens won't fog, gives UV protection, and keeps your sight clear and glare-free. The goggles themselves are light, comfortable, and extremely stylish.

Cons: The vents can leave your face a bit chilly.

Cost: $95 at www.DragonAlliance.com

Extra tip: To keep from scratching the lens, use the goggle pouch or a soft cotton cloth to blot (don't rub!) moisture away.