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Make uncomfortable boob sweat a thing of the past with these breathable, cooling bras.

Like thigh rub, boob sweat is one of those frustrating annoyances that comes with the warm weather. Not only are sweat stains a huge pain, but moisture sitting on your skin (especially in this super-sensitive area) can cause chafing to occur if you’re not wearing the right bra. 

But the good news is that not all bras are so stifling—some are actually designed to help keep you cool. These cooling bras are typically built with a moisture-wicking fabric that prevents sweat from pooling up with their evaporative designs. Or, they will feature a breathable and lightweight material such as bamboo or cotton to promote ventilation. In addition to using strategic fabrics, these types of bras may also have cooling details such as mesh paneling along the back and sides or large open backs to encourage more breathability. 

Whether you're going through menopause, have a medical condition, naturally run hot, or are simply trying to get through the summer sweat-free, these are the best cooling bras that will keep you supported and comfortable throughout the day. Below, you’ll find everything from structured underwire bras and high-impact sports bras to breezy bralettes and full-coverage wireless bras that each match your preferences. There are even some sexy mesh picks that will spice up your lingerie collection as well. 

The 13 best cooling bras to buy 

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