Credit: Elizabeth Fernandez/Getty Images

These sturdy and stylish ankle boots are perfect for fall travel—or any other time you'll be on your feet all day. 

Booties are a cold-weather wardrobe staple. They can be worn with just about anything in your closet, from chic dresses to casual jeans, or even leggings (post-workout, of course). Since they really do go with everything, lots of women consider them the ultimate all-day shoe—but if you don’t shop smart, you could wind up with a pair that pinches your toes, brings on blisters, or takes a toll on your arches. That’s why we rounded up 9 pairs of booties that are designed to support your feet throughout the day, no matter where it takes you. They feature sturdy and supportive soles, stacked heels for stability, and high-quality uppers that cradle your feet in comfort. Keep reading—your feet will thank you.

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