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Caroline Vazzana, InStyle
February 08, 2017

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No two women were created the same, so it really comes as no surprise that every time we go shopping for denim, it can be a difficult—occasionally nearly impossible—process. In our last few denim fit guides, we searched the market and pulled together the most flattering pairs for those with bigger derrieres as well as those with smaller derrieres. Next, we've decided to address another very common fit issue: larger thighs.

For women with muscular thighs, we feel your pain. When there's a disparity between your thighs and waist, what you often end up with is a pair of jeans you can shimmy up your legs only to end up with a huge gap when you zip-and-snap. On the flip side, slipping on a jeans that fit your waist but not your thighs is a problem, too. To shop for denim without having to size up, we turned to the denim pros from Levi’sAG7 For All Mankind, and more, who have wrangled their picks for the best jeans for women with larger thighs. The results? Wide-leg flares and those made of a special stretch denim should be your go-to options. Below, shop our guide to the best jeans for woman with larger thighs. 

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