When it comes to smartphone addictionto borrow from internet parlancethe struggle is real. As much as we all love to browse Facebook, snap photos (for Instagram, of course), and check e-mail and texts on the go, research shows that constantly checking your phone increases stress, rather than lessening it.

Our phone-dependency has also been linked to other health problems, including "text neck," back pain and poor sleep to name a few. And still, we can't put them down.

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That's where artist Molly Mcleod comes in. The designer created some super useful iPhone wallpapers to remind people to stop and smell the roses, rather than taking pictures of them.

If you're among the sufferers of compulsive smartphone-checking, download one and use it to remind yourself to look up—or you may miss something truly special. Plus, they're pretty funny.

All you have to do is save these images to your phone, then set them as a wallpaper.

If you can't quit Twitter

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If you're 'Queen of the 'Grams'

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And finally... If you're all-around obsessed

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