Are you like me? Are you having a stressful week? Prepping for a big meeting with the boss, paying an unexpected (and large) home maintenance bill plus worrying about my daughter's new school schedule have together made me tense and grumpy. To snap out of my mood, I sought out some of the stress-busting tips that we have gathered from experts in the last couple of years at Health. Here are my three favorites, and I will be incorporating them into my life immediately. Maybe you want to Do the same?

Wake up a little earlier

By rolling out of bed 15 to 20 minutes before your usual time, you can head out the door feeling more refreshed—and less frazzled. "Take time in the morning to center yourself," says San Francisco-based psychologist Leslie Carr, PsyD. "A lot of people shoot out into their days like a rocket ship and it never gets better from there."

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Clean out your junk drawer

Tidying up your home can also tidy up your mind. "Having a mindset of de-cluttering helps to manage stress," says Lauren Napolitano, PsyD, a psychologist at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Pennsylvania. "Purging unused items gives a sense of order to your physical environment, which helps you feel calmer about your stressors."

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Write mental thank you notes

Change the course of your stressful thoughts with a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, suggests marriage and family therapist Alisa Ruby Bash, who practices in Beverly Hills, Calif. "When you notice the tension in your body, picture a big red stop sign,” she suggests. “Immediately switch your thinking to start mentally focusing on all the things you are grateful for. Look around you to include anything you find beautiful or pleasant in your present moment."