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Men's Sexual Dysfunction


7 Websites to Get You Through Erectile Dysfunction and Other Sexual Problems

Once you've learned the basics about men's sexual dysfunction, check out what other reputable websites have to say. Follow these links for our favorite online tools, including videos, a directory of physicians, and news. View slideshow

Erectile Dysfunction May Mean Heart Disease or Diabetes

It's essential for your overall health to see a doctor Read More

7 Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for men unable to have an erection took a great leap forward when the first oral erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, Viagra (sildenafil), was introduced in 1998. But there have been strides recently in a range of other ED treatments too, ranging from over-the-counter pumps to surgical implants and suppositories.  View slideshow

9 Problems That Can Make Sex Painful for Men

You may have an infection or inflammation that needs diagnosing Read More

7 Ways to Treat ED

How to get your sex life back Read More

When ED medications don't work

When ED medications don't work Read More

It Was Tough Admitting I Had ED at 19

Erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work for Jonathan Read More

Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Johnny Leon (not his real name), 37, sought help when he noticed his penis was curving slightly and sex had become painful. His doctor diagnosed him with Peyronie’s disease—a rarity for such a young man—and set him on a course of treatments that has included electrical stimulation and medicines to dissolve scar tissue  Read More

Men's Orgasm Disorders

Some men experience pain, headaches, and even sneezing as a result of orgasm. Here are some of men's main complaints Read More

Trying to Get Pregnant? 10 Proven Sperm Killers

Here are 10 surprising factors that may affect a man’s sperm. View slideshow

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Is Sex Addiction Real? Read More