Get some tissues ready. Four sisters in central Wisconsin ruined their bridesmaids dresses in the most touching way possible last weekend: during a 5k mud run to honor the bride-to-be—their sister—who died earlier this month in a car crash, according to ABC News.

Shannon Hall, 24, was set to marry fiancé Justin Cyzan on October 4. In August, she'd suggested that the sisters participate in the Udder Mudder race in Marshfield, Wisconsin, in formal wear (for added fun).

After Shannon's death, the women decided to tackle the event in their floor-length bridesmaid dresses—and they were part of a contingent of 27 friends and family members participating in the race.

"We knew she would still want us to do it and have fun. It was a fun when we had some laughter, but it was sad also because we also missed her," Angela Guralski, one of Shannon's older sisters, 44, told ABC News.

Cyzan, who is still recovering from the crash, was there to take pictures.

"It was nice to see everyone having fun and happy. It's nice to see Justin laughing and taking pictures. It really felt good. It felt good to have some happiness again," Guralski said.