Add this to the long list of things couples should do together: make friends.

According to a new study published in the Personal Relationships journal, couples felt closer to each other when they made new friends together.

The study, led by Keith Welker PhD, used about 150 couples and split them into two groups. People in the first group had to answer increasingly probing questions about themselves like, "If you could go back in your life and change any one experience, what would it be and why?" according to New York magazine’s Science of Us blog. The other group consisted of couples who answered small talk questions. Some of the participants were paired with other couples, while some completed the task with their partner.

The result: Partners who revealed personal details in front of another couple reported feeling more warm and fuzzy toward each other afterward than any other group. It's possible that making new friends, rather than acquaintances, helps you see your partner in a different way. "The creation of couple friendships may be an additional way to reignite feelings of passionate love in romantic relationships,” the authors wrote in the abstract.

So if your relationship could use a boost, you might want to hang out with another couple once in a while.

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