You have more than 700 Facebook friends, but how many could you call when your car breaks down?

According to a new survey by the website Lifeboat, only a quarter of us report being satisfied with our friendships, and nearly two-thirds of us lack confidence in our closest pals. Instead of more connections, the poll shows, we want deeper ones. Andrea Bonior, PhD, adjunct professor at Georgetown University and author of The Friendship Fix, offers these tips for bettering your besties.

Spill your secrets
Share something you're embarrassed about or that's been eating at you. This shows your pal that you trust her and want support.

Lock in plans
Try creating a standing date for a girls' night, like drinks the first Thursday of the month or brunch every other Sunday. This way, the plans make themselves.

Put a ring on it
Elevate the relationship by formalizing it somehow—give her a key to your house, or simply call her your BFF in a Facebook post.

Do little things
If your friend is dealing with something (say, her parent had an operation), ask how it went or offer to pick up her kids from school. A little effort can really make a difference.

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