Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune disease that can take multiple forms, and sometimes even switches from one type to another in the same patient. A condition that often affects people with psoriasis (a different autoimmune disorder that affects the surface of the skin), psoriatic arthritis tends to present as achy, swollen, or stiff joints throughout the body. 

Are you wondering whether you’re at risk for these uncomfortable aches and pains? Turns out there are eight things that might up your chances of developing psoriatic arthritis. 

Here’s one: A third of psoriasis patients also suffer with psoriatic arthritis--and the association goes both ways. That is, the majority (about 80%) of people who have psoriatic arthritis will also have psoriasis on their nails

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And while we already know that being overweight is bad news for your health, research confirms that people who are obese during their teens are more likely to develop psoriatic arthritis later on. Similarly, being diagnosed with psoriasis at a young age also raises one’s chances of experiencing psoriatic arthritis symptoms later in life. 

Another surprising sign you might run into psoriatic arthritis? Strep throat. Some experts believe the infection, which comes with that tell-tale scratchy sensation, may actually trigger psoriatic arthritis in some. Talk about a double whammy. 

Curious about the other warning signs of the autoimmune disease? In this video, we’re highlighting eight important things that could elevate your psoriatic arthritis risk.