Rock-hard boobs, a stitched-up vagina, all that blood: The postpartum period is rough—and it turns out, hysterical.

The latest video from the folks at HelloFlo titled "Postpartum: The Musical," captures this, erm, special period in a woman's life by chronicling one new mom's mission to educate future mothers about the physical toll of childbirth...through show tunes. “I mean, no one even warned me about cracked nipples,” she tells the camera. “I wanted to stick my nips in a tub of ChapStick and stay there, forever.”

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Cut to the next scene, in which she and her chorus line rehearse a number called “Vaginal Fallout (You’ll Never Get it All Out).” Sample lyrics:

I expelled that placenta, but the fun starts now.

Cause hon, my hoo-ha, who knows how?!

My perineum’s torn, so I sometimes bleed.

Plus I raise this arm and, like, whoops, I peed.

The irreverent humor continues as dancers kick and leap across the studio wearing maxi pads on the outside of their tights, and donut cushions strapped to their butts. All of this is to advertise HelloFlo’s New Mom Kits, care packages stocked with supplies (like pads, nipple cream, and leak-resistant underwear) to help a woman through the first few weeks after childbirth.

But the video's laughs are good medicine on their own for anyone experiencing the "terrifying abyss of motherhood.”

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