In between caring for her baby boy, L.A. model Sarah Stage continues to document the status of her belly on Instagram. The photo of her abs four days after giving birth—her wondrously flat, fit abs—is racking up likes and comments, as did her pregnancy selfies.

Mostly, people are in awe, although some are noting a post-birth body like this isn't something most women can achieve. "Not normal at all" noted piyosh_86. Some pregnant women are getting wistful: "I'm already at a 20lb gain with 5 months to grow :(" wrote alli3d3vries. Less observed is how alert and non-exhausted this new mom looks—and how she's still finding time to faux tan.

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We're glad that Stage is not getting nearly as much flack as did the wife of a Norwegian soccer star a couple of years ago, when she Instagrammed a shot of herself in undies four days after having a baby. As one mother wrote on her blog, translated by the New York Daily News, "What do you want to say with this picture? Who are you talking to? What is the good purpose here? Why is this positive?"

Hopefully, Stage's photos won't be setting unrealistic expectations or goals for pregnant women everywhere or, worse, propelling them to cut calories during a time in their lives when they need to be feeding their bodies. At least she's also posting pics of little James, born at a solid 8 pounds, 7 ounces—who is, after all, the real post-birth star here.


The ninja is awake 😊 #JamesHunter @kristopherjason

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