After a workout, when you're sick, when you've just had a baby: There are certain times in life when nobody's expecting you to look picture perfect. Sadly, it seems like some new moms haven't gotten the memo, or just don't care. Today recently reported on the trend of mothers hiring hair stylists and makeup artists to do them up before they take that first photo with their new baby.

Perhaps it's the Facebook and Instagram effect—we're always on display these days, so why not post-birth? Perhaps we can blame Kim Kardashian (because, hey, why not blame her for what's wrong in this world). Whatever the reason, this is becoming A Thing, and it's a shame. Women have long had to answer to the calling of looking gorgeous, and today there are more ways than ever to do it whether it's by Botox injections or some advanced hair straightening technique. When you've just been through labor or had a C-section, though, nobody's expecting a glamour shot. Why put that pressure on yourself?

By all means, women should apply makeup if it makes them feel comfortable (concealer: every new mom's BFF), but there's no reason to call in a pro. See: bonding time with baby. See also: better things to spend your money on. And then there's the fact that, really, this isn't about mom. As Savannah Guthrie said, in response to the props she got on social media last summer for posing makeup-free (and hairdo-free) after giving birth to her daughter, "I figured everyone would be looking at little Vale, anyway. She is the star of the pictures, after all."

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