As if we could worship Jennifer Garner any more, yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the actress stood with real women everywhere and spoke out loud and proud about having a less-than-taut tummy. "I am not pregnant, but I have had three kids and there is a bump," she told Ellen.

The refreshingly real star of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day said there was speculation in the press—and even among friends—that she was preggers: "I thought, 'What is going on?' So I asked around and apparently I have a baby bump, and I'm here to tell you that I do." She continued, "From now on, ladies, I will have a bump, and it will be my baby bump. Let's just all settle in and get used to it. It's not going anywhere."

She's not the first star to challenge the (insane) notion that it should take all of two months for a new mom to snap back into bikini shape. Actress Ali Larter shared her struggle to lose baby weight with Health: "A lot of women say they breastfeed and the weight comes right off. For women who gain 25 pounds, that's probably true. But for me and Busy [Phillips], who enjoy our cake, it's not going to come off in two months. I gained 45 pounds."

Incidentally, Jen already won this writer's heart by revealing on national TV that she, Ben and the kids all had head lice a few years ago. (Forget Ben Affleck's nude scene in Gone Girl; picture the sexy image of him combing out lice nits.) This is major. Nobody talks about lice; if they do, they never admit that it spread beyond the kids. Jen's like: deal with it. Glossy-haired people get lice, too.

She's not trying to be a role model; she's just herself, one of us.

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