Pregnancy is beautiful—but that doesn’t mean it’s not overwhelming. Hormones fluctuate, bodies changes, and needs (both emotional and physical) vary from day to day, which is why moms-to-be deserve to find all the calm they can during this time of transformation. Enter: Yoga.

Yoga is the perfect practice to tap when you’re looking for a way to care for your mind and body, whether you’re pregnant or not, and there’s no denying that the ancient activity provides an abundance of health benefits. Reduced back pain, fewer migraines, better sex, and less stress are just a few of the rewards you can gain from regularly practicing yoga.

The restorative exercise has significant effects on your physical fitness, as well; yoga works to stretch the limbs to create a feeling of length and also engages muscles throughout the body, strengthening practitioners from head to toe. Just try doing a chaturanga—yoga’s version of a triceps push-up—and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

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We especially love that yoga is so pregnancy-friendly. While some forms of exercise (think: high-intensity aerobics) are less suited for the prenatal period, a gentle yoga flow is the perfect way to work it out when you’re with baby. Just make sure to avoid hot yoga, since the sweltering atmosphere may not be safe for you or your little one.  

In this video, international yoga teacher and expert Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, leads you through a calming pregnancy yoga sequence (she’s expecting too!) to get centered in the present moment and feel comfortable in your body. Follow along for deep stretching, guided breathing, and more.