When you’re an Apple or Facebook employee trying to climb the ladder, long hours are inevitable. So starting a family in the midst of it all may seem, well, near impossible. But now, according to a recent NBC News report, these two Silicon Valley giants will cover the costs for female employees to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons (medical reasons would include cancer or some other fertility-damaging health condition). Facebook already offers the perk, while Apple will begin in January.

The pricy procedure typically isn’t covered by insurance, and can cost upwards of $10,000 per round, plus $500 or more each year for storage, according to NBC News. Both companies’ plans will cover up to $20,000.

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In a way, this comes as good news for women in the tech industry—especially after the CEO of Microsoft recently came under fire for telling women not to ask for raises—and rely on ‘karma’ instead. Women who dedicate their childbearing years to making a name for themselves in this male-dominated industry—or those who just haven't found the right partner—now have the option to have a family later in life.

That said, does the policy encourage an unhealthy working environment? You know, one that promotes a chained-to-your desk lifestyle, which has been linked to a slew of health problems like coronary heart disease? And does it also mean you must fork over your personal life in order to get ahead, to the point that you don’t have time to socialize, foster relationships, or raise kids? You be the judge.

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