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Reality star Diem Brown of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer for a second time, and she's now going through fertility treatments in the hopes of freezing her eggs before her second ovary is removed, she shares on

Her first retrieval procedure was a success (doctors were able to extract five eggs). Even so, after much deliberation, Brown has decided to undergo yet another fertility treatment to retrieve more eggs.

The procedure, as you can expect, has been tough on her. Brown describes the process as an “emotional rollercoaster.” She adds, “You feel like you are 50 shades of crazy—without the playroom.”

If you're dealing with the mood swings brought on by fertility treatments, Sami S. David, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist at Fifth Avenue Fertility Center in New York, told us that taking vitamin B6 (about 100mg) and calcium carbonate (about 600mg) can help.

Both vitamin B6 and calcium carbonate may help reduce PMS symptoms, he says, which can be exacerbated by the procedure. Vitamin B6 works as an anti-inflammatory, and calcium carbonate can settle the stomach and combat indigestion, Dr. David adds.

Also important if you're undergoing treatments: Have a good friend support you along the way, Dr. David says.

Brown luckily has Johnny Bananas, a former Road Rules Challenge contestant, who helps her relax when she takes her shots. Brown even tweeted, “Oh & in my new @peoplemag blog i guve (sic) insight to a doctor you never would have guessed @MTVBananas aka Dr Banana lol ;)”.