Gluten-free breads, cookies, pastas and flours abound. Last year, "gluten free diet" was one of the top ten most-searched health terms on Google. Whether you've got a true allergy or intolerance to this protein found in wheat, you've tried cutting it out to lose weight, or you are currently rolling your eyes and eating a bowl of pasta right now, you can't deny that "going gluten free" has become a cultural touchstone.

But what would life look like if gluten never existed at all?

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The hilarious new Tumblr Gluten Free Museum imagines that possibility for us, taking works of art (or pop culture) and making them “gluten free.” Think Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” minus the wheat-gathering pitchfork or Chief Wiggum sans donut.

The Tumblr doesn’t offer up any clues as to the mastermind behind these photoshopped works of art, so we’re not sure who to credit for this stroke of genius. Either way it has us laughingand hoping that perhaps it can bring the gluten-intolerant and bread-lovers among us together, once and for all.

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Here are some of our favorite works.