You know those jumpsuits that have been showing up pretty much all over the place these days—from Milan catwalks to New York City sidewalks? Well, they have managed to seductively slink their way into gyms, thanks to fitness- and lifestyle-based brands like Splits59, Koral Activewear, and Live the Process.

Consider the workout jumpsuit, as it's called, the latest installment in the “I work hard for this body, damn it—and I intend to show it off!” movement. But narcissists, be forewarned: The clingy, Catwoman-like silhouette is tricky to pull off if you have even the teeniest bit of pudge.

Though the one-piece seems to be inspired by the workout duds worn in dance and ballet studios, Splits59 co-founder Keith Peterson told that limber types who are into yoga and Pilates will also flip over the skin-tight contraption because of the freedom it affords.

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Another part of the appeal, say designers, is versatility. These jumpsuits are part of the recent trend of “athleisure,” the fashion buzzword for athletic-inspired clothes that can take a woman from Crossfit, to the corner office, to a cocktail-fueled gossip session with the girls.

Unforgiving silhouettes and soggy spandex aside, there seems to be a market for this stuff. In fact, Peterson said that Split59's Bianca jumpsuit (which will set you back about $145) is "flying off the shelves."

Throw yourself a body party, suggests one promo on the fitness fashion e-commerce site Carbon 38.

Hey, why not? Pass the tequila, honey! No, seriously—that's what it's gonna take to get my butt into one of these things.

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