Looking to whip up some warm and inviting comfort food? Step away from the mac and cheese. Instead, dig into this equally yummy cheesy squash casserole.

While a full-fat bowl of homemade mac and cheese could run you upwards of 400 calories, this vegetable based update is just 95 calories per serving, so there's no risk of a post-dinner guilt trip.

To reduce the calories and fat, we switched out cream for low-fat milk, and carb-heavy noodles for yellow squash. Feel free to replace the yellow squash with a more seasonal option, like butternut. It will work just as well, while giving the dish that vibrant, deep yellow hue we all know and love (in addition to plenty of vitamin C and fiber!)

Between the top layer of toasted breadcrumbs and the magical powers of melted cheese, we doubt that you’ll miss all those extra calories.

Ingredients: squash, onion, reduced-calorie margarine, all-purpose flour, fat-free milk, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, cooking spray, breadcrumbs

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