• We've voiced our skepticism over "miracle" supplements like açai berry and resveratrol in the past, and always thought the endorsements by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz were a bit fishy. Now the TV twosome is firing back with legal action against companies that have used their name and image without permission. [Forbes]

  • News headlines this week announced that U.S. life expectancy has hit an all-time high, while the death rate has dropped to an all-time low. Although that's still good news, now we look at the other half of the story: Our country is still behind about 30 others in this measure, and with all the lifesaving advancements we've made, some say that the gains reported are modest at best. [Live Science]

  • As Labor Day rapidly approaches, summer is slipping away, and we're already planning how to keep the warm-weather vibe going into chillier months—like these delicious-looking ways to preserve fresh summer fruits, for example. [Slashfood]

  • Although it's a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg scenario—are people who do yoga more likely to be mindful eaters, or are mindful eaters more likely to get into yoga?—this research is still interesting: Yogis tend to have lower body mass indexes and practice more self-control with food. [Svelte Gourmand]

  • The New York food scene has been abuzz with recent news that former restaurant critic Frank Bruni struggled most of his life with binge eating and bulimia. As his new book hit the shelves this week, Well columnist Tara Parker Pope interviews Bruni about his disorder. [NY Times]

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