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Diagnosing MS


Could You Have MS? 16 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

In the most common form of multiple sclerosis, symptoms come and go (known as relapsing remitting MS). These symptoms can run the gamut from mild tingling to more severe vision loss. View slideshow

Top 10 Myths About Multiple Sclerosis

Approximately 400,000 people in the U.S. are living with MS, yet many myths are circulating about the illness and its prognosis. Here we debunk the top 10 MS myths, and tell you what you can really expect if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with MS. View slideshow

12 Surprising Factors That Up Your Risk of MS

What causes MS? Researchers aren't sure, but they think it's a combo of genes plus environment. Here are the 12 things linked to a higher risk of multiple sclerosis. View slideshow