The Powerful Message Behind This Fitness Blogger's Photoshopped Selfie

You might be familiar with Cassey Ho, the certified fitness instructor behind Blogilates. But this week the cheery trainer revealed the dark side of being a face of fitness and an Internet celebrity: the hurtful, body-shaming comments she receives.

Meet the Bongo Lady: A Mississippi Mom, Basketball Fan, and Internet Sensation

When the music starts in Memphis' FedEx arena, home of the Grizzlies, everyone looks to the screen, eager for "Bongo Lady" to take the stage once again. Now this unlikely star is popping up all over the Internet, thanks to a recent profile in The New York Times.

Here's Why 'No Catcall Zone' Signs Were Posted in Two Major Cities

Many women will tell you they're tired of hearing whistles and kissing noises from random men on the street. It’s degrading. And it seems someone is taking that conversation to the streets.

Why This Plus-Size Blogger Says She's Not 'Brave' for Wearing a Swimsuit

Jessica Kane argues that being brave is about much more than going against societal expectations.

Meet the Transgender Man Leading the 'Men's Health' Cover Contest

At first glance, Aydian Dowling looks like the average reader of Men’s Health magazine—and an excellent contender for the title's annual cover contest. But Dowling is actually on the cusp of marking a historic first: The 27-year-old proud transgender man is currently destroying the field of candidates in the reader's choice portion of the contest.