This bride was out for blood, and not because a florist messed up her centerpieces. Monica and Barry Gamble—who got married on Sunday in Richmond, Virginia—asked their friends and family to donate blood in lieu of gifts.

“We weren’t into the whole registry thing,” Barry told CBS affiliate WTVR.

“It sounds awful cheesy, but this is a lot more important than a toaster.”

After the ceremony, the couple and several guests went to the Virginia Blood Services Donor Center, which had been decorated to look like a wedding chapel, complete with cake.

Though not everyone was eligible to give blood, those who couldn't came along for moral support. In total, half a dozen people (including members of the wedding party) were able to donate to the bride and groom's cause.

Barry and Monica, who are regulars at the clinic, could only donate platelets on their wedding day since they had given blood within the last two months.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

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