If keeping calm under pressure was an Olympic sport, these athletes would all be gold medalists. Watch the video to hear from Olympic athletes like Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, and others on how they stay cool in the face of fierce competition, the global spotlight and…oh, the hopes of an entire nation.

Don't have time to watch? Here's the full transcript:

Sanya Richards-Ross: When I feel really stressed, the first thing I do is soak in a long bath. I love to read, it kind of quiets my mind.

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Gabby Douglas: For the most part, I'm kind of used to it, because it has been a part of me for my whole life. I'm trained to deal under those circumstances—at the gym we do pressure sets.

Richards-Ross: I think whenever you put your heart into something and you want it more than anything, it's natural to deal with nerves. I use my nerves as adrenaline to help me to have a great performance.

Missy Franklin: If I'm ever really stressed out or nervous before a race, I start to think about the things that aren't going to change in my life, regardless of what the impact of that race is. 

Aly Raisman: For me I think the most important thing is just breathing and staying calm, and being positive—trying to stay confident even though you obviously are nervous. 

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Alex Morgan: Get myself in the right mindset and do mental visualization.

Dana Vollmer: Having a 13-month old I just feel like puts my life in perspective. I've been able to draw on an inner strength that I didn't know that I had. I'm just not as nervous.

Missy Franklin: I'll still have amazing parents and I'll still have an incredible family and my friends and it helps me to think about the things that I will always have.