Ever have those days where it seems like the world is working against you and you want to crawl into a hole and cry? Well, here's your new mascot.

In this 2011 video recently posted online that's going viral, a mongoose takes on four (yes, FOUR!) hungry lions until it can escape into a burrow. But then, amazingly, the fierce creature reemerges from its safe-haven ready for round 2.

The mongoose screeches, bares its teeth, and swats and bites at the lions, startling the larger predators who retreat and leave it unharmed.

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The little guy’s determination and bravery reminds us that just because you’re up against a formidable opponent doesn’t mean you should give up or back down. We’re not saying your usual struggles are life-or-death like in the animal kingdom, but it’s still awesome inspiration.

Think of this critter whenever you need motivation to chase after what you want at work, at the gym, or anywhere else. No matter our status on the food chain, we can still fight like hell.

But maybe avoid making that awful shrieking noise when angling for your next promotion.

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