Imagine this: You’re just sitting at your computer when a sneezing fit strikes (normal during a Spring like this) and then bam, a rubber suction cup shoots out of your nose. (Definitely not normal!)

This crazy thing happened to Steve Easton of Surrey, England: “I thought, 'What’s this? Where the hell has this come from?'” the 51-year-old told The Guardian about the little suction cup from a toy dart (about the size of a penny) that emerged from his left nostril.

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It turns out, years ago his parents found him playing with the toy dart gun at age 7, and noticed one of the darts was missing its rubber tip. Easton’s mom, Pat, told The Guardian that she’d worried about the missing sucker for years after she found a dart without a tip: “I took [my son] to the hospital and they X-rayed him and checked everything and they couldn’t find it.” This means the dart part had likely been lodged in Easton's nose for more than 40 years.

Easton has suffered from the sniffles for most of his life, but isn't sure if the small plastic piece was the cause. He has no other suspicious health issueshe's never had trouble with sense of smell or blowing his nose. “I feel no different now,” he said. “I wonder if there’s anything else up there.”

Should your little one pull an Easton with a marble, Cheerio, or any other foreign body, you can try to help her dislodge it right away by pressing the empty nostril and asking her to blow gently. Not working? Call her pediatrician, or get to the hospital. Pat Easton did the right thing by getting her young son checked out.

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