We already know author J.K. Rowling is simply great at Twitter. For example, when she tweeted "warn me next time" in response to that time grown-up, real-life Neville Longbottom (actor Matthew Lewis) stripped down for a steamy magazine cover shoot. And how about all the time the Harry Potter author spends interacting personally with her many fans?

But this weekend she may have delivered her best yet with her brief, yet powerful reaction to one man who attempted to body-shame tennis star Serena Williams, who won Wimbledon this weekend, marking her fourth straight major tournament win. Rowling did not mince words, that's for sure.



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Not only did she celebrate the athlete's beauty and strength on Twitter, she got to congratulate her in person after the 6-4, 6-4 match.



It doesn't appear that Williams, who now has six Wimbledon wins, 21 Grand Slam titles, was at all bothered by this one guy's comment on the Internet. Exhibit A: She posted an Instagram of her killer look at the Champions' Dinner with the caption "Swerve."




A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on


And then there's also this adorable video of her dancing with the men's winner Novak Djokovic later that night.


Still, even if Williams didn't need to hear it, we did. It's lovely to see someone with Rowling's reach shut down that kind of heartless and totally unnecessary negativity.

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